• Hotel Alte Mühle, outdoor area, photo: Hotel Alte Mühle Hotel Alte Mühle, outdoor area, photo: Hotel Alte Mühle

Hotel Alte Mühle


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Conference and event rooms

  • Number of conference rooms: 5
  • Max. no. of participants with seating: 40 persons
  • Max. no. of participants without seating: 80 persons
  • Raisdorf (110m²)
    Row seating 80
    Banquet seating 80
    Seminar-style seating 50
    Parliament-style seating 60
  • Woltersdorf (55m²)
    Row seating 40
    Banquet seating 25
    Seminar-style seating 18
    Parliament-style seating 30
  • Friedrichshagen (35m²)
    Row seating 30
    Banquet seating 15
    Seminar-style seating 15
    Parliament-style seating 20
  • Schöneiche (40m²)
    Row seating 20
    Banquet seating 15
    Seminar-style seating 17
    Parliament-style seating 20
  • References:
    • BKA
    • Humboldt Universität
    • Bosch,
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Arrival planner

Brandenburgische Straße 122

15566 Schöneiche

Weather Today, 18. 9.

12 19
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

  • Sunday
    8 17
  • Monday
    6 17


Point of contact

TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH​

Babelsberger Straße 26
D-14473 Potsdam

Tel.: +49 (0) 331 - 29873555

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+49(0)33129873555 We are available for you via telephone: weekdays Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm.
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